Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Malignancy - Cross Species Transmutation (2003)

Fucking brutal US tech death. A man couldn't ask for more pinch harmonics or chugga-chuggas. As a safety precaution, check with your surroundings before listening to "Mortality Weakness", because they're sure to be severely disrespected.

Track listing:
1. Virulent Contagion
2. Cross Species Transmutation
3. Fibroid Embolism
4. Postmortem Perception
5. Congenital Decadence
6. Mortality Weakness
7. Ovarian Incubation

Absorbing the sores

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Nik Pascal - Magnetic Web (1973)

Old-school transcendental synth explorations. Today, I saved this LP from being boxed up and possibly doomed to an eternity of sitting in a warehouse, and, fearing that it might never find a good home, I selflessly purchased it.

Track listing:
1. Magnetic Web
2. Light Stimulus
3. Edge of the Unknown
4. Dance of the Supernatural
5. Interplanetary Beings
6. Cosmic Aura

Alpha wave diffusion

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Vindkast - Archaic Collapse (2015)

German atmospheric black metal. Much of Archaic Collapse consists of spacious, droning dark ambient (so much so that the Metal Archives won't add them) and when the distortion, drums, and vocals finally hit, they don't disrupt the trance-like ambience so much as they build on it. Free/name your price via bandcamp.

Track listing:
1. A Lament Beneath the Fiery Sky
2. Under This Dying Sun
3. Archaic Collapse
4. Unto the Earth
5. Death's Other Kingdom

Cosmic contortions

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Maeror Tri - Sensuum Mendacia (1991)

Previously on OPIUM HUM:
Screaming Corpses - A Different State of Consciousness (1987)

Beautiful, kaleidoscopic drone/ambient psych. Interwoven guitars and synths spiraling upwards towards the heavens, and amelodic drones that hang, suspended in light.

Track listing:
1. Antrum
2. Soma 2
3. Choir of Transcendence
4. Mental Electricity
5. Aegritudo
6. Animorum Post Mortem Ab Aliis Ad Alios Transitio

Bells of unknown dreams

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Faceless Entity - Semper Dolens (2015)

Dutch raw black metal. Muffled, reverb-drenched guitars and drums, with faraway, ghostly howls periodically cutting through the fog. Def one of the best slept-on black metal bands currently in existence.

A single 24-minute long track, titled "Semper Doles"

Submerge in chaos

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Akira Inoue - Splash (1983)

Smooth, lush Japanese synthpop. Tinges of fusion and new wave round out a shimmering, positively heavenly sound.

Track listing:
1. さまよえるオランダ人のように
2. アドリアン・ブルー
3. 異星 (ソラリス)の女
4. Le Plongeur
5. Eleven Islands
6. サファリ・オスティナート
7. リンダ・ラルー (ラムの大通りにて)
8. 海底2万マイル
9. オンディーヌ

Lost passengers

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Asofy - ebYm (2001)

Abstract, esoteric Italian black/doom. No bass guitar, conspicuously programmed drums that are mixed louder than they should be, distorted vocals, and interwoven, often oddly beautiful guitars make ebYm a surprisingly compelling album.

Track listing:
1. in Solitude
2. ilL
3. redSide
4. il Marcio
5. sideS (blonde)
6. enoRmi
7. d.O.m.

Happiness passes away, mourning persists

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Kirlian - Chicken Wings & Beef Fried Rice (1996)

Minimal acid techno from Ecuadorian-American producer Abe Duque. The cover and title make it look like it's gonna be a bunch of club bangers and wackiness, but don't be fooled -- it's all warped synths, simplistic beats, and atmospheric samples.

Track listing:
1. Something to Start With
2. &#&^
3. You Are Special
4. P.O.W.E.R.
5. Smiling
6. Al Go Rhythms
7. Clear
8. Can You Hang?
9. Nutzak
10. Then After That
11. Ear Killers and Sloppy Seconds
12. Hollywood Shuffle
13. No You Can't Have It
14. Meat Is Just Protein
15. Who's Got the Flave

Salute the dawn

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Beyond Ye Grave - Raping the Creation of God (2009)

Ripping, pissed-off Russian black metal. Because when you get down to it, people are the fucking worst.

Track listing:
1. Crucified Jesus Fucking Christ
2. Eden Serpent's Curse
3. Leper Exile
4. Rege Satanas
5. Beyond the Seventh Sphere
6. Genocide Celebration
7. S.A.T.A.N.
8. To Slay the Holy

Legions of hatred

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Paul Hardcastle - Rainforest (1985)

Dance-y, synth-tastic, instrumental hip-hop and disco. To hear this album while gazing upon the above album cover is to know not just that there is a god, but that he loves us and wants us to be happy. And he may or may not wear windbreakers and play synthesizer.

Track listing:
1. Rainforest (Remix)
2. King Tut
3. Panic
4. Forest Fire
5. Loitering with Intent
6. A.M.
7. Sound Chaser
8. Rain Forest (Original Mix)

Ready ready go

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B-Movie Matinee (1985)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Ruthless - Discipline of Steel (1986)

US heavy metal with elements of thrash. As of yet, it is considered impossible to be more metal than Ruthless -- scientists have died trying.

Track listing:
1. Discipline of Steel
2. Ancient Warrior
3. Know No Evil
4. Look Out
5. Sign of the Cross
6. Another Day in Hell
7. Raiders of the Night
8. Hardcore
9. Run for Your Life
10. The Message

Standing on a misty mountain
Sword held high in his hand
Looking down on the valley
Wants to free all his lands

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Skinless - Progression Towards Evil (1998)

US brutal death metal. Foul, blood-soaked aural violence, with a touch of crude gallows humor.

Track listing:
1. Confines of Human Flesh
2. Extermination of My Filthy Species
3. Tampon Lollipops
4. Milk and Innards
5. Cuntaminated
6. Scum Cookie
7. Bobbing for Heads
8. Fetus Goulash
9. Crispy Kids

Burn him
Torch her
Boil them
So much fun

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the Flesh of the Dead

Men's Recovery Project - Frank Talk About Humans (1995)

Hostile, ingenious experimental punk/noise rock. Juxtaposes drum-machined fueled noisecore against synth pieces, absurdist/satirical spoken word, and more. B.A.N.A.N.A.S.

Track listing:
1. Clark in My Car
2. Homo?
3. Slap on Some Pants
4. They Found My Naked Body by the River
5. All Music Is Shit to God
6. Frank Talk About Mutants
7. Problem?
8. Domestic Phone Call
9. Explanation of Head Troubles
10. Smokin' That Magic Rock
11. Eating Contest
12. Ugly Interracial Couple
13. Frank Talk About Mutants, Also

Did you hurt your head?

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Croatian Amor - The World (2013)

Melancholic ambient from Danish producer Loke Rhabek. Perfect music for staying semi-awake through a thick haze of drugs and lack of sleep. I'm guessing.

Track listing:
1. L.A. Hills Burn at the Peak of Winter
2. Transit
3. Lovers in Flames
4. Generations
5. New Year
6. The World

Twin black eyes

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Jacek Sienkiewicz - Téchnè (2002)

Artful, driving minimal techno from Polish producer Jacek Sienkiewicz. Songs unfold slowly and subtly, with tiny percussive variations and fragmented quasi-melodic elements looping to deeply hypnotic effect.

Track listing:
1. On
2. Night Passion
3. Special Kind
4. A Way to Know Things
5. Given Sources
6. Low File
7. Go and See
8. East Side
9. High Time
10. Deep Layer
11. Speak Digital
12. Off


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