Friday, July 21, 2017

Yhdarl – Drone Nightmares I - Endless Mental Wounds (2007)

Belgian lo-fi minimal blackened drone doom. An oppressive, razorwire-lined aural pit of rumbling, down-tuned, blown-out guitars with a deeply mournful emotional core that slowly emerges from the murk. When the melodic section hits at the end of "When the Unfair Betrayal Still Lives On", dams burst, scars bleed, and birds fall from the skies. Free/name your price via a bandcamp page that's definitely worth your time to explore.

Track listing:
1. Agnus Dei
2. Slowly, the Earth Starts to Decompose
3. When the Unfair Betrayal Still Lives On
4. Faces Yourself Through the Rotten Mirror

Among infested stars

Abruptum - Obscuritatem
Advoco Amplectère Me
Sunn O))) - Rehearsal Demo
 Nov 11 2011

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Crimson Evenfall - Nocturnal Storms of Infinity (1996) + Winterheart (1997)

Kult-as-fuck Finnish lo-fi black metal. Muffled drums, thick-sounding guitars, ethereal keyboards, and evil rasps of cold death.

Track listing:
-Nocturnal Storms of Infinity-
1. Storming Over the Realm of Mortals
2. Child of Moon
3. Searching the Wisdom
4. Under the Ravenflag
1. Henget
2. Mustan Yön Valtias
3. Winterheart
4. Through the Enchanted Forests

Where burning stars have forever shined
There is my home

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Duster - 1975 (1999)

Duster - Stratosphere (1998)
Helvetia - The Clever North Wind (2006)

Just about 24 minutes of sublime, dreamily stoned, instantly nostalgic slowcore by the waaay too short-lived Duster. Woozy guitars chime, gauzy keyboards shimmer, and a vocalist casually whisper-sings about existential crises. Bought this record for two bucks about 10 years back at the record store where I now work, only to find out later that it sells online for a couple hundo. Man, those cranky-ass hipsters at [store name omitted] don't know shit about dick.

Track listing:
1. Irato
2. Memphis Sophisticate
3. The Motion Picture
4. And Things (Are Mostly Ghosts)
5. August Relativity
6. Want No Light to Shine

You're not the first to set foot here
Just another
And I know you're terrified
Like the rest of us

Flying Saucer Attack -
Flying Saucer Attack (1993)
Bowery Electric -
Bowery Electric (1995)

Dorisburg - Trust (2014) + Splade (2014)

A pair of EPs from Swedish producer Alexander Berg. Six tracks of hypnotizing, darkly lush deep house.

Track listing:
1. Trust
2. Devotion
3. Mystical Influence
1. Splade
2. Business Propaganda
3. Uncertainly

Just don't break my heart

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Schifosi - Absentium Existence (2006)

Australian melodic d-beat. The Absentium Existence EP was the last thing Schifosi released before splitting, and, as is so often the case with swan songs, it's their best work. An old friend and bandmate who knows more about the genre than I once said that "Shallow Alchemy" might be the most advanced d-beat he'd ever heard.

Track listing:
1. Post Genocide Syndrome
2. In Absentium
3. Vice Grip
4. But a Heretic
5. A Life Overdue
6. Shallow Alchemy

Suicide is illegal and punishable by death

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Misery - From Where the Sun Never Shines (2012)

Previously on OPIUM HUM:
Misery - Next Time (1995)

Misery has always channeled the filthy, heavy, darkly passionate essence of crust in a way that very few bands can, but their only pre-reunion LP, Who's the Fool?, suffered from thin production and precious few standout moments. NOT a problem this time around. From Where the Sun Never Shines fucking buries that album, and most other crust records along with it.

Track listing:
1. Mother Nature
2. Oil Age
3. Autonomy
4. The Hunt
5. We Are Man
6. Today
7. Just Never Ends
8. God Squad
9. We Want You Down
10. Murder Ride
11. How Long
12. Ready Aim Fire
13. ICBM
14. All of Us

Turn around, turn around

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Tony Scott ‎– Astral Meditation - Voyage into a Black Hole - Part 1 (1988)

Far-out ambient jazz-drone courtesy of clarinetist and new age pioneer Tony Scott. Two formless, weightless, and gargatuan masses of rumbling drones, eerie synths, and uneasy, stuttering clarinet. Space travel isn't all blast-offs, gentle drifting, and twinkly stars, you know.

Track listing:
1. Voyage into a Black Hole
2. And the Beyond

Unknown dimensions

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A Troubled Resting Place (1996)

Monday, July 17, 2017

Deceased - Fearless Undead Machines (1997)

Epic, melodic, zombie-centric US death/thrash. Fearless Undead Machines is a concept album based, at least in part, on Night of the Living Dead, so consider this post a lazy, belated tribute to the late, great George Romero.

Track listing:
1. The Silent Creature
2. Contamination
3. Fearless Undead Machines
4. From the Ground They Came
5. Night of the Deceased
6. Graphic Repulsion
7. Mysterious Research
8. Beyond Science
9. Unhuman Drama
10. The Psychic
11. Destiny

I can see the terror in their eyes, that empty stare
Their haunted souls still intact to seek revenge

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Yoni - My Little Yoni (1994)

Excellent early tech-house from a duo consisting of German producer Thomas Melchior and English musician Tim Hutton, who (among many other projects) used to play drums for The Mob and Zounds; those of you who are familiar with those bands know what a weird-ass fun fact that is.

Track listing:
1. Creepy Bitch
2. Spirit of Adventure
3. Black Forest
4. Aquasonics
5. Beanz Means Jazz
6. P-Yonic
7. Beach Bum
8. Funk Star (Classic Mix)

No time for love if they come in the morning

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Brainoil - Brainoil (2003)

Crusty stoner-sludge from Oakland, CA. I did a month-long US tour shortly after this record came out, and I remember hearing it playing in like every other punk house that we stayed in. So if you take a lot of cues from what stoned crusties were into in the early aughts, this is the record for you.

Trac listing:
1. Dark Eyes of My Past
2. Naive in a Bliss
3. Wielding Strength
4. Complete? / Lucid Vision
5. One Leaf Untouched
6. Inquisition
7. Support in Numbers

Is that a joint, man?!

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Serpentfyre - Of Darkness and True Light (2013)

Finnish raw black metal. Hypnotic, single-chord-riding riffs, classic black metal rasps, and blown-out analogue production. Pitch-black invocations of the furious unknowable.

Track listing:
1. Ride the Dragon of Endless Void
2. A Step into the Unknown
3. True Death
4. Torch
5. Fenrir

In the eternal void
Terrors and abominations
A jewel of the abyss, a star of doom

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Change - The Glow of Love (1980)

Immaculately-produced debut by Italian disco greats Change. So funky, so smooth. I'm on a disco kick and I'm taking y'all with me. Synth-lovers, be sure to listen through to the end.

Track listing:
1. A Lover's Holiday
2. It's a Girl's Affair
3. Angel in My Pocket
4. The Glow of Love
5. Searching
6. The End

Flowers blooming

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Skullflower - Obsidian Shaking Codex (1993)

Previously on OPIUM HUM:
Skullflower - Infinityland (1995) + Transformer (1995)

Far-out, feedback-drenched, psych-drone black hole explorations. Obsidian Shaking Codex is the sound of a band destroying rock 'n' roll, then taking acid and jamming in the wreckage. It's also my favorite Skullflower record.

Track listing:
1. Sir Bendalot
2. Circular Temple
3. Crashing Silver Ghost Phallus
4. Diamond Bullet
5. Smoke Jaguar

Shiny birds of doom

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Friday, July 14, 2017

'. . . [l]ight am I' . . . – '. . . [l]ight am I' . . . (2006)

Canadian raw black metal. Croaking vocals, ghostly guitars, and a drum machine, generating abstract, possibly improvised aural misanthropy.

Six untitled tracks

It's a universal truth

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dBridge - The Gemini Principle (2008)

Sleek, nocturnal drum n bass from English producer Darren White. Punchy drums, wobbly bass, atmospheric warblies, and the occasional vocal sample.

Track listing:
1. Ponderosa (feat. Calibre)
2. Blush Response (feat. Instra:mental)
3. A Lost Cause
4. Creature of Habit
5. On My Mind
6. Cast a Cold Eye
7. A Long Distance
8. Mourning Dawn

We started out as friends

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